Blog Mini Rant: VOC can (and sometimes needs to) Start With Voice of Internal Customers

Mini Rant: VOC can (and sometimes needs to) Start With Voice of Internal Customers

MegaphoneManI was working with a new client that couldn’t wait to get started on their gorilla Voice of Customer (VOC) metrics.  In our Assessment, it was clear that everyone wasn’t playing well in the company sandbox.  Customer Service pointing fingers at Regulatory – they were taking forever to service customer complaints.  In fact, their internal processing of complaints was so bad that they were getting complaints about their complaint process.  This, after two efforts to examine and improve their complaint process.  Think about that.  But I digress.

Sales was pointing fingers at Accounting – customers commenting that the people in Accounting weren’t always pleasant.  Customer Service and Sales pointing fingers at each other for not being responsive to each other and for not being customer-focused.

My recommendation was to start with VOIC – Voice of Internal Customer (the employees).  Start with 360 degree reviews of an experience such as complaints.  Have the review cover the processes, policies, and systems as well as individuals.  Name names and get the dirt out on the table.

As it turned out, their problems were multifaceted.  Part of the problem was individuals, and part internal systems and policies.  It is amazing the change in behavior that can be created when individuals know that they are going to be evaluated on their customer service.  Again, “what gets measured gets results.”

This organization was not ready for VOC.  They might have uncovered amazing opportunities from their customers but their inability to work together internally would have inhibited their ability to fully capitalize on those opportunities.

Truth.  Sometimes your best VOC program needs to start with VOIC.

Remember, to your customers, you are your touchpoints.

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