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FAQs Q: How can Hank Brigman help me?

Q: How can Hank Brigman help me?

A: Through a no-charge initial consultation, Hank will evaluate your situation and together, you will determine what will work to best meet your needs. While each client's work is customized, Hank typically works across Customer Experience Management strategy, implementation and measurement.


These fall into one or more of three services:

Consulting or Coaching: Hank's hands-on consulting starts with a complementary consultation and can then cover identifying and building the Three Customer-Centricity Competencies via:

1. Assess.  Conducting a Customer-Centricity Audit

2. Plan.. Building a CEM Plan based on Audit results and established Experience Strategy

3. Implement.  Implementing the CEM Plan to achieve the Experience Strategy by building each of the three competencies and a Touchpoint Structure (closing the Strategy-to-Touchpoint Gap)

4. Measure.  Measuring results including correlating customer experience results with financial metrics


However, you may just need some coaching to more efficiently and effectively guide you or your department or organization through its efforts to improve customer experiences and loyalty, and internal efficiencies.  Hank has extensive experience coaching leaders with customer experience responsibilities to quantifiable successes.


Training (Implementation): Hank's proven Valued Touchpoint Workshop™ program to operationalize a CEM Plan delivers practical and quantifiable results.  Hank's train the trainers program is part of his efforts to help organizations build the competencies necessary to differentiate and establish a competitive advantage through customer-centricity. 


Speaking: See the questions below for greater insight into Hank's programs.


The best thing to do is to give Hank a call at 904.466.1805 or drop him an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . He loves this stuff and is happy to help in any way that he can.


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Success with Fortune 50 companies

Hank Brigman has now helped five companies in the Fortune 100 get & keep more customers. BTW, he also helps small companies and practices.

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Each physical, communication, human and sensory interaction with, and within, your organization.

Touchpoint Principle

The ability to get and keep desired customers and employees is enhanced by consistently delivering Valued Touchpoints™.

Valued Touchpoint™

Standardized interaction that is customer-centric while advancing the organization’s values, identity and strategy, and the touchpoint’s goal(s)




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