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Faqs about TouchPoint Guru

Q: Why is Hank Brigman called the "Touchpoint Guru?"

A: In 2002 Hank Brigman co-founded a research consultancy focused exclusively on helping clients better understand, improve, manage and measure touchpoint performance.


Brigman was the first to define touchpoint on Wikipedia.  Brigman also co-invented Touchpoint Mapping®, the process of mapping Touchpoints along customer lifecycle stages that now forms a basis from most Customer Experience Management (CEM) methodologies. Brigman has worked with many organizations, including five Fortune 100 companies, delivering quantifiable improvements to customer touchpoints and experiences, and top line revenue. 


As a consultant, coach, speaker, trainer and author, Brigman has advanced his practical approach to improving the quality and profitability of customer relationships, touchpoint by touchpoint. When people the world over have a question about touchpoints, they contact Hank Brigman.

Q: What exactly are Touchpoints?

A: The first to define Touchpoints on Wikipedia, Hank defines touchpoints as:

Each interaction - communication, human, physical and sensory - with and within your organization.


Communication Touchpoints can include:

  • Website
  • E-Mail
  • Letter
  • Brochure
  • Ad
  • Invoice


Human Touchpoints can include:

  • Sales professional
  • Customer service rep
  • Accountant


Physical Touchpoints can include:

  • Store
  • Product
  • Packaging
  • Office
Sensory Touchpoints can include:
  • Music (in a store)
  • Temperature (in the mall)
  • Smell (popcorn at the movie)

Q: How can Hank Brigman help me?

A: Through a no-charge initial consultation, Hank will evaluate your situation and together, you will determine what will work to best meet your needs. While each client's work is customized, Hank typically works across Customer Experience Management strategy, implementation and measurement.


These fall into one or more of three services:

Consulting or Coaching: Hank's hands-on consulting starts with a complementary consultation and can then cover identifying and building the Three Customer-Centricity Competencies via:

1. Assess.  Conducting a Customer-Centricity Audit

2. Plan.. Building a CEM Plan based on Audit results and established Experience Strategy

3. Implement.  Implementing the CEM Plan to achieve the Experience Strategy by building each of the three competencies and a Touchpoint Structure (closing the Strategy-to-Touchpoint Gap)

4. Measure.  Measuring results including correlating customer experience results with financial metrics


However, you may just need some coaching to more efficiently and effectively guide you or your department or organization through its efforts to improve customer experiences and loyalty, and internal efficiencies.  Hank has extensive experience coaching leaders with customer experience responsibilities to quantifiable successes.


Training (Implementation): Hank's proven Valued Touchpoint Workshop™ program to operationalize a CEM Plan delivers practical and quantifiable results.  Hank's train the trainers program is part of his efforts to help organizations build the competencies necessary to differentiate and establish a competitive advantage through customer-centricity. 


Speaking: See the questions below for greater insight into Hank's programs.


The best thing to do is to give Hank a call at 904.466.1805 or drop him an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . He loves this stuff and is happy to help in any way that he can.

Q: What are the three Customer Journeys?

A: The three different Customer Journeys are:


Customer Relationship Journey: The macro journey consisting of the universal stages of: Awareness, Knowledge, Consideration, Selection, Satisfaction/dissatisfaction, Loyalty, and Advocacy.  Customer can advance to, stay in or return to any or all of the stages of the Journey.




Customer Transactional Journey: The Transactional Journey is a subset of relationship journey and can happen once or repeatedly within relationship journey.  This is the Journey the customer takes each time to understand, select and pay for product/service.  The stages of a Transactional Journey are specific to the organization. A typical B2B Transaction Journey would cover: marketing, sales, ordering, fulfillment, billing and payment.  A typical B2C Transactional Journey would cover: marketing, purchase and use.


Customer Value-Add Journey: This is a Journey a customer takes that adds value beyond or in addition to a product or service. Examples include obtaining education/training, engaging in social networking, attending a special event like a holiday party, etc.

Q. What makes up journeys?

A. Journeys are made up of experiences, which are made up of touchpoints and influenced by factors. Factors and touchpoints individually & together drive customer decisions & perceptions. Touchpoints drive emotional connections, the key to motivating customers along the Relationship Journey to the stages of loyalty and advocacy, and to achieving the organization’s Experience Strategy.


Experiences: A series of touchpoints that combine to make up a step or component of one of the three Customer Journeys.


Touchpoints: Each interaction - communication, physical, human and sensory - with and within an organization.


Factors: Considerations that are not interactions. Examples of factors include price, location, choices, etc.

Q: Why are Touchpoints so important?

A: To your customers, you are your touchpoints. Collectively, touchpoints form the foundation for how we as customers perceive and make decisions regarding an organization and its offerings. Touchpoints drive the quality of our customer experiences, and serve as the basis for the resulting relationship. This is why it is so important to understand your organization's touchpoints. By delivering Valued Touchpoints™, you improve customer experiences. Better customer experiences lead to better results for both customer and company along customer journeys, which results in improved sales and greater customer loyalty and advocacy.

Q: What type of speaking programs does Hank Brigman offer?

A: Hank Brigman offers three distinctive and customized programs to meet different needs.


Keynote addresses. Whether for a corporate conference or an association's expo or conference, Brigman will inform, educate, inspire, entertain and push attendees to think. If you seek a keynote who can share insights into a white hot topic and emerging trend while providing practical "how to" suggestions and tools, Brigman delivers. His keynotes bridge the theory - actionable gap. Attendees will understand the drivers behind the customer experience revolution and leave with ideas and tools to improve customer experiences, whether on an individual, departmental or enterprise level.


Breakout session programs. At your corporate or association conference, Brigman can conduct interactive breakout sessions geared around how to apply Customer Experience Management principles to improving customer experiences. Perfect for sales, marketing, customer service and research professionals and organizations seeking to improve the quality and profitability of customer, partner and employee relationships.


Workshops: Through Valued Touchpoint Workshops™ Brigman facilitates establishing standards for each Touchpoint as a process for delivering Valued Touchpoints. A single Valued Touchpoint Workshop serves as an introduction to CEM and an opportunity to experience its benefits.


For organizations, Brigman can drive an enterprise level program to improve customer-centricity and customer experiences through training facilitators to conduct ongoing Valued Touchpoint Workshops throughout the organization.


For more information click consulting.

Q: What is a Valued Touchpoint™?

A: Valued Touchpoints are the output of Touchpoint Value Workshops and are: A standardized interaction that is customer-centric while advancing the organization's Values, Identity and strategy, and the touchpoint's goal(s).


Q: Where does Hank Brigman travel from?

A: Brigman’s travel originates from Jacksonville, Florida.


Q: What is Customer Experience Management?

A: Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a new discipline.  Just as sales, marketing and accounting are disciplines, so too is CEM. 

CEM is all about improving the quality and profitability of your organization's relationships with its prospects, customers, partners and employees. Sounds easy, but this can best be accomplished through a program designed specifically to deliver value at each customer interaction, or touchpoint.

Think of it like this. Companies want to improve relationships with customers to increase sales, loyalty, and advocacy. But they often leave improving customer relationships to individual employees or customer teams. An individual employee or team can take a customer out to a ballgame or golf, but if that customer's bill is wrong or they have a bad experience with customer service, then these efforts to improve the relationship are negated. The truth is that the true owner of the relationship isn't a person or a team, but the entire organization. That's why organizations need the discipline of Customer Experience Management.

Through Hank Brigman’s implementation model, your organization will develop and implement its CEM Plan to deliver your Experience Strategy and improve customer experiences across the enterprise. The results? Consistently delivering Valued Touchpoints. This improves prospect, customer, partner and employee relationships, which means more sales and greater customer loyalty and advocacy.


Q: Who are the audiences most suited for Hank Brigman's programs?

A: Every organization, for profit or not-for-profit, has Touchpoints.  The performance of its Touchpoints impact key financial metrics. Improving customer/client/patient/donor experiences touches employees throughout the organization.

Brigman's programs resonate with audiences made up of any or each of these departments.

• Executives

• Marketing

• Sales

• Customer Service

• Accounting

• Research

• HR


Q: What are the fees for Hank Brigman's programs?

A: Contact Hank directly for a quote on the investment for his keynote, breakout or workshop programs and consulting rates.


Direct: 904.466.1805

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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Each physical, communication, human and sensory interaction with, and within, your organization.

Touchpoint Principle

The ability to get and keep desired customers and employees is enhanced by consistently delivering Valued Touchpoints™.

Valued Touchpoint™

Standardized interaction that is customer-centric while advancing the organization’s values, identity and strategy, and the touchpoint’s goal(s)




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