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Customer Experience Management (CEM): Strategy, Implementation, Measurement

To your customers, you are your touchpoints.BioHankColorSmlShadow

My professional passion is helping organizations increase growth and profits through building customer-centricity, touchpoint by touchpoint. 

From coaching to problem solving to differentiating
I am most often brought in as a coach, consultant or with my team to:

  • Differentiate by helping to build a more customer-centric culture 
  • Help address a specific customer experience problem/opportunity
  • Assist/coach a new customer experience leader/team
My work typically involves helping the department or organization develop a compelling Experience Strategy and/or build one or more of the Three Customer-Centricity Competencies™:
  • Identity: define and live an identity
  • Intelligence: get the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Consistency: standardize customer interactions (touchpoints)
Quantifiable Success with Five Companies in the Fortune 100
My approach addresses the need to determine ROI and translate customer experience into the language of the boardroom – finance.  An asset in these efforts is my original formula for correlating a one point movement in “likelihood to recommend” to revenue.  Prominent clients that have realized quantifiable improvements include GE, AT&T, Mentor, Travelers, Novartis, Microsoft, Biomet, and Johnson & Johnson. 

Building the Missing Structure, Improving Efficiencies and Closing the Gap
To maximize the impact of a strategy, it needs to live at the touchpoint level.  A second key to my approach is helping organizations develop the structure needed to improve efficiencies and close the
 strategy-to-touchpoint gap. This process engages and empowers staff.  The results are happier customers, employees and owners. 
BioSpkgDropShadowAdvancing Customer-Centricity as an Inventor, Speaker & Author
As co-founder and President/CEO of an early Customer Experience research consultancy, I was the first to define “touchpoint” on Wikipedia and co-invented a process for mapping touchpoints.  This original process for inventorying, mapping, evaluating and improving individual customer touchpoints now forms the foundation of many of today’s CEM methodologies.

As a qualified member of the National Speakers Association, I have enjoyed the opportunity to engage with audiences worldwide.  Known as the” Touchpoint Guru,” I am capturing my CEM methodologies and tools in my first book, Touchpoint Power.

After graduating from university, I enjoyed three years as a professional golfer on the mini tours.  I still enjoy golf and have recently taken up surfing. 

I truly welcome your questions and inquiries and am happy to help in any way that I can.


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Success with Fortune 50 companies

Hank Brigman has now helped five companies in the Fortune 100 get & keep more customers. BTW, he also helps small companies and practices.

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Each physical, communication, human and sensory interaction with, and within, your organization.

Touchpoint Principle

The ability to get and keep desired customers and employees is enhanced by consistently delivering Valued Touchpoints™.

Valued Touchpoint™

Standardized interaction that is customer-centric while advancing the organization’s values, identity and strategy, and the touchpoint’s goal(s)




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