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Named Expert to Track
Hank Brigman has been named by Cindy Wexter as one of 25 customer service experts and influencers to track. Track Hank on


Success with Fortune 50 companies

Hank Brigman has now helped five companies in the Fortune 100 get & keep more customers. BTW, he also helps small companies and practices.

Now Available-

TOUCHPOiNT POWER! How to Get and Keep More Customers,an Amazon international top 10 customer service best-seller. For information and to order, visit TouchpointPower.com or view the TOUCHPOiNT POWER! listing on Amazon.




Each physical, communication, human and sensory interaction with, and within, your organization.

Touchpoint Principle

The ability to get and keep desired customers and employees is enhanced by consistently delivering Valued Touchpoints™.

Valued Touchpoint™

Standardized interaction that is customer-centric while advancing the organization’s values, identity and strategy, and the touchpoint’s goal(s)

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